At Points South Clothiers, we subscribe to the adage that looking good is feeling good. Looking good isn't always feeling comfortable however, especially when you're a kid... or a grownup. Sometimes it just so happens that the most comfortable thing you own - isn't the right choice for the occasion, and that can take the fun out of everything! Points South was created to put the fun back into looking good. Points South creates clothing with only the highest quality fabrics and textiles, with designs that close the gap between play clothes and dress clothes. While all of our designs have ample room for personalization, they are far from blank!

We perfected our apparel design craft in the golf business, but wanted to expand our focus to 'easy wear' that is suitable 'everywhere' with a strong focus on children and families. We know kids care more about being comfortable than preppy, stylish or even presentable. Points South is for busy people who, like us, have children that demand comfort, even though we prefer class. Points South is a place where things meet! Comfort meets sophistication, easy-going meets dashing, timeless meets current, relaxed meets active, and looking good meets fun! Points South is where the fairway meets the sea, the sky meets the water, and where children's favorite clothes meet the dress code. When you find yourself at the intersection of yacht club, country club and beach club, look for Points South!

We have taken everything that we have mastered in the design and production of children's apparel, and focused our energy on comfort, wearability, and style.


The kicked back, well dressed, always comfortable, team at Points South Clothiers.